Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review: Avon Products

My boyfriend’s Mam sells Avon, so whenever I’m in his house I read Avon to keep me amused (while he watches football…) Before I started buying Avon I didn’t think it was good quality. However, I must say my mind has been totally changed now! There are some lovely products available. In this post I'll show some of my favourites.

I received Reece Witherspoon’s perfume ‘In Bloom’ as a gift. The bottle is so pretty! The lid of the perfume is a big flower that comes off when you spray. I found this very unusual and it really stands out next to my other perfumes. The scent is a light floral scent which is not over powering and very wearable. Reece Witherspoon said the following at the launch of the perfume:
“In developing In Bloom, I found myself drawn to the scents of my childhood in Tennesse. We had a great big magnolia tree in the backyard and it’s that beautiful white blossom that inspired the perfume. In Bloom is indicative of where I am in my life today. I’m feeling very strong and independent, and so happy, so full of life. The fragrance truly captures that feeling – it’s very sensual, very romantic and alluring.”

I am really impressed with Avon’s lipsticks. I do think they are quite expensive, but there are a lot of special offers when you can get them for cheap. I picked up two for €10 in a promotion. The first I picked was Avon Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick in ‘Fuchsia Fever’.

This is a Rich, ultra-creamy lipstick intertwined with ribbons of hydrating moisture. It also contains SPF15. I love the concept of this lipstick in that you can see the white moisture intertwined in the lipstick. The colour I picked ‘Fuchsia Fever’ is extremely pigmented and is a shocking pink. I love to wear this if I’m not wearing much eye make up. The lipstick also has a gorgeous scent. Brilliant buy for €5 as it worked out in the promotion.

The second lipstick I purchased in this offer was Ultra Colour Rich White Gold Lipstick ‘Platinum Pink’. This is a Rich, creamy moisturising lipstick infused with glistening pearls of gold that is very sparkly! It is called platinum pink but is quite a sheer pink. However, the sparkles in this lipstick are what really makes this lipstick stand out. It gives your lips a lovely sparkle without a very noticeable strong colour. This is good if you want a more neutral looking lipstick. I paid €5 for this in the promotion but don’t think I would spend its full price of €11 euro if I was to repurchase.

It's MUCH more sparkly in real life, photo does not do it justice!

Lastly I also picked up this make up palette for €3. Inside is four cream eye shadows and two lip glosses.

I don't usually use cream eye shadows, but I like to use the sliver/white colour as a highlight. It's a pretty palette for the price!   I will definitely keep buying Avon products! :)

Larry xx

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