Saturday, 20 April 2013

One Step closer 2 Fabulous

I have wanted to type this post for a few weeks now, but have been super busy lately. It’s the final few weeks of the school year so I have been extremely busy preparing my exam classes for their exams in June. However, I really wanted to tell you about my trip to the home of onestepcloser2fabulous which is located on Clare Street in the city centre. 

From the moment I stepped through the door I was made very welcome. (Including a glass of champagne, that always goes down well!) The lovely Deborah then did my makeup. I loved this as it was a great chance to have a beauty chat about all the different products that One Step Closer 2 Fabulous have in stock. The range of cosmetics is huge, ranging from MAC, Urban Decay, Daniel Sandler and any other brand you can think of. If you are obsessed with beauty like me, you will be in beauty heaven. 

Deborah's Work

Deborah is also an expert on skin care and will analyse your skin and explain to you what products are best for your skin. My favourite thing is that they are not tied to a brand so she will tell you about brands that will suit ANY budget! 

Also there on the day was . Dolled up sell a great range of beauty products including lots of Irish products. I love this as I love giving Irish products some business. They also sell in items such as sleep in rollers which are raved about in the beauty world. One item that really caught my eye was Canopi Sleeves. Canopi Sleeves is a seamless way of adding arm cover to a sleeveless item of clothes. Canopi Sleeves have a low cut at the front so no matter the dress nobody will know you are wearing them. I LOVE this idea and am definitely going to invest in one! 


Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the pictures I took on the day, boooo! However I sneakily robbed a few pictures from their websites. I hope you don’t mind! 

Laura x
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