Monday, 7 November 2011

MUA Cosmetics

I'm just back from visiting my parents in London. One of the first shops I ran to was Superdrug on Oxford Street  to check out the MUA - Make up Academy Professional cosmetics, (which you cant get in Ireland!) I bought loads as they were so cheap. Also there was a 3 for 2 promotion on, so who can blame me? :) 

Here is what I picked up:  MUA Professional Heaven and Earth Palette 
                                            MUA Professional Poptastic Palette  
                                            MUA Professional Brush on Concealer Pen  
                                            MUA Professional Eye Primer  
                                            MUA Professional Extreme Curl Mascara  
                                            MUA Professional Volume Mascara  

Lets Start with 'Heaven and Earth' Palette and 'Poptastic' Palette. I am really impressed with both palettes. I usually use Urban Decay Eye Shadow but think these palettes are AMAZING for £4 each!! Look how pigmented the eye shadows are!

Next is 'MUA Professional Brush on Concealer Pen' designed to hide imperfections and to brighten. I got the shade 'Radiance' as it was the lightest and I'm very very pale. It comes in a pen which you click for the concealer to come out. It works well apart from it has a very strong perfume smell though which I find a bit overpowering... but for £2 not bad!

I have been a big fan of Urban Decay primer for years but at €17 a tube I was very excited to see the MUA version. So for £2.50 I popped it into my basket and I was glad I did! Urban Decay on left with MUA on the right. Not much difference at all!

My favourite products are the MUA Professional 'Extreme Curl' Mascara and MUA Professional 'Volume' Mascara. The difference they made to my eye lashes was fantastic. I even got a compliment on how long my eye lashes were for the first time in my life! No other mascara has ever done this! :) Both products were £2! bargain!

Before....                                After....

Overall so happy with the products! But wish you could get them in Ireland oh well! :)

Larry xx

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