Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pink and Red For Valentines.....

Awear Red Chain Bag - €25 / £20
M&S Limited Collection Heart Blusher in Pink Mix £6.00
Awear Red Lips Clutch €15 / £13.50
M&S Limited Collection Applique Satchel £39.50
M&S Limited Collection Heart Lipstick in Rose £5
M&S Lip Shoulder Bag £25.00 
M&S Limited Collection Heart Cosmetic Bag £4.00

Some people love Valentine's Day, others hate it. I decided to get in the pink/red mood by showing some cute Valentine's inspired pieces that are in shops at the moment. Why not treat yourself to something nice!

Laura x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Avon Haul

Every so often I pick up a good few items from Avon. They have very good sales so it is well worth keeping an eye out. The following items below cost €42.50 but due to sales I only paid €21.50.

First up is Dog Lover Necklace €6.50 - I adore this necklace, sure it might be a bit kiddie but I love it. There are three charms a paw print, a little dog and a bone.

Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick €6.50 usually €11 in the colour ‘Caressing Coral’ – Lipstick with natural oils to give you smooth lips. This lipstick feels more like a lip balm than a lipstick, it also smells gorgeous a vanilla/bubblegum scent.  Not only was this lipstick nearly half price but it also came with a free lip liner worth €8. I always line my lips when I use red lipstick so I picked up the shade ‘Red Brick’

I also picked up two makeup brushes. An eyeshadow brush €3.25 usually €6.50 and an all over face brush €5.25 usually €10.50. I was quite surprised with the quality of these brushes. The all over face brush is quite soft but has a heavy handle. The eyeshadow brush is good for applying eyeshadow to the lash line or a base coat to the lids. It would not be good for blending. However at €3.25 it is not bad at all!

Just to warn you all the Avon supershock eyeliners are only €4 in the current brochure. I have seen lots of reviewing raving about them so I will definitely be ordering one or two...!

Laura x
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