Monday, 7 November 2011

Stila Lipstick

TK Maxx has been in my local town for a while now but I never seemed to find the time to go in. Recently while hunting for winter boots I ventured in and boy was I happy I did! What did I find?  Make up BARGINS! I found this lovely Stila lipstick inside for €3! Yes €3 euro!!! RRP is €17 !

The shade I picked is called ‘Georgina’.  It is a very creamy sheer lipstick. This is perfect for me for work as I can add colour to my lips without them being too dramatic or noticeable. It feels very moisturising on the lips which I like and also has vitamins A, C and E and SPF 20. It has a very strong scent which is kind of suncream meets vanilla but I don’t mind this.

Swatch on my arm

My favourite thing about this lipstick is the packaging which is gorgeous! The outside is sliver while inside has a lovely flower pattern. I thought this was really unusual and really made the product seem more expensive than a usual lipstick.

A Great lipstick for work at the bargain price of €3!

Larry xx

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