Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Perfume Surprise

One day in Boots smelling the perfume, I came across an Ed Hardy Perfume I really liked. (I can’t remember the name of it… sorry!) However, looking at the price I nearly fell over in shock €60!!!! I sighed and sprayed it on me and continued shopping. I headed over to Marks and Spencer’s as I had to get clothes for work. (snooze!) Its no surprise I took a detour through the beauty section. By chance I decided to smell some of the perfumes and to my amazement I came across a very similar perfume to the Ed Hardy one in Boots! 

This perfume is called 'Adored' and is so similar to the Ed Hardy perfume! Both perfumes have a citrus fruity smell which I really love. The only negative thing about 'Adored' is I find that the smell doesn't stay too long on the skin so you have to reapply throughout the day. It was a great buy at €8 however! :) 'Adored' was also in a special offer if you bought a perfume you could get another for half price so I picked up 'Bohemia'.


Unfortunately, I don't like 'Bohemia' as much as 'Adored'. I think I was drawn by the pretty bottle! Bohemia is a blend of lemon, blueberry, bergamot, lily of the valley, mimosa, cedarwood, amber and vanilla. Its nice but not wonderful. I would not buy again and I'm raging I didn't get a second 'Adored'. Oh well at only €12 for both of them I cant complain too much! 

Larry xx


  1. M&S do some nice fragrances & they have BUAV approval I think I picked up Blush for mothers day this year

  2. I love when a product has BUAV! It makes me love a product even more :)


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