Friday, 18 November 2011

Lush Products for dry skin !

I have extremely dry skin and now that winter has hit it means even more dry flaky skin. :( I have tried sooooo many products to try and help make my skin more smooth and human like! However, none seemed to work. After reading so many good things about Lush on different blogs I decided to pop in to the Henry Street branch and see if they had anything to help my dry skin dilemma. The shop assistant was so nice. She showed me so many products and really knew her information on each product. I worked in retail for many years so was very impressed by this. 

One product that really stood out for me was the face mask ‘Oatifix’ (€6.95). This mask is for dry skin so it’s perfect for me. Oatifix's designed to ‘feed your face’  it contains Bananas as they are a rich oily fruit so they are fantastic to help get goodness into dry skin and illipe butter to leave skin smooth and to provide moisture. The mask also contains oatmeal and almonds that lift dead skin and gently scrub the face leaving the face looking brighter.

This product feels amazing on the skin. Ok, so it’s not the most attractive facemask in the world as it’s very lumpy but I believe that’s why it works so well. After ten minutes my skin felt amazing and my dry skin definitely reduced. I used it many times now and the difference to my skin is unbelievable! This is definitely going to be my new Holy Grail to help keep by dry skin at bay! 

Oatifix is kept in the fridge and has a use by date of about 3 weeks so make sure to check when yours goes off!

The sales assistant also gave me a free sample of Celestial, which I am also loving. It’s a moisturiser designed to create a light barrier on the skin to stop moisture disappearing and to keep sensitive skin calm. I will definitely be buying this when my sample runs out!

I also got a copy of ‘Lush Times’ , as I had not bought any Lush products before I found this magazine really interesting as it has all of Lush’s products in it. (descriptions, reviews, pictures and cost) f like me your new to Lush definitely pick one up! 

Larry xx

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