Sunday, 20 November 2011

2True Benefit dupes??

 Ever since Glamour magazine gave away free mini Benefit cheek and lip tints I have kept my eye out for similar products. While in Superdrug in the Omni I came across a brand called 2true which attempts to recreate Benefit's best selling Bene Tint and Posie Tint. The Benefit versions cost €33.50 each!! So how does 2true for €2.00 a bottle hold up?

The first Cheek 'n' Lip Tint is a copy of Bene Tint. It's a rose tinted colour exactly like Bene Tint. The scents are different but the colour is very similar. The 2true tint dries faster than the Benefit version so you have to blend faster. 

2true on the left, Benefit on right
Formula very similar 

At first glance the 2true 'Blush Pink' looks quite different from Pose Tint. The pink is a lot brighter very very pink. It also appears to be a lot thicker than Pose Tint.

         2true VERY pink on Left , Pose Tint on Right

However, when the two are swatched beside each other and blended they begin to look quite similar.

2True on Left, Benefit on Right

Overall I do think Benefit is the better product but at more than €30 more expensive than 2true I think I will stick with my lovely 2True bargain. For €2.00 this product is amazing! 

Larry xx

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