Sunday, 1 June 2014

Penneys / Primark Nails

Anybody that follows me on Twitter or Instragram may have noticed I have gone slighlty obsessed with Penneys/ Primark nails. At only £1 / €1.50 per set it is a very affordable way to change your nails.

Each set comes with a wide range of sizes and with lots of spare nails. A small glue also comes with each set of nails. I usually use Essence glue or Claire's. However, my Claire's glue refused to open for me the other night so I was forced to use the glue that came with the nails. It was not quite as good as The Essence/Claire's but a lot better than I expected. My nails lasted the whole night but came loose the next day. However, for £1 you not bad!

Is anybody else loving these nails?
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