Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Monthly Empties: June

Another month gone, another empties post!

Product - Garnier Bodytonic
Price - €7.45 but I got it in Tesco for €3.70
What did I think? - I love this moisturiser. It totally transformed my skin. I used to have really dry itchy skin. I used to be covered in cuts from scratching all the time. However, since I have been using this my skin has totally transformed and I'm no longer covered in cuts and scratches.
Would I buy again? - Yes I already have!

Product - La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
Price - This was the smaller version so it was €4.95
What did I think? - I really like this spray. It is so refreshing during hotter weather. It can cool you down, refresh make up, act as an after sun, and a makeup setter. It has so many uses it's amazing!
Would I buy again? - Yes this was my second bottle and I would definitely buy another.

Product - Essence Nail Varnish Remover
Price - €1.49 (Although my new bottle was only 99c)
What did I think? - Unlike many nail polish removers, this product actually smelled really nice. It has a strawberry scent that really takes away from the usual really strong nail varnish remover smell. It removed my nail polish well. It also doesn't contain any acetone.
Would I buy again? - I would buy it again. Unfortunately the chemist where I usually buy it did not have the strawberry version so I had to buy the coconut version which isn't as nice.

Until next month!
Larry x

Monday, 25 June 2012

Primark Haul!

It has been a while since my last Primark / Penneys haul. However, over the past month or so I have bought a good few things in Primark so here is what I have been parting my cash for!

Bags, bags bags and even more bags. I can't believe I actually bought so many this month, but they should last me ages. (I hope so anyway...) Before I went on holiday I wanted to buy small bags I could easily fit into my suitcase and had a long strap so it could go over me. I knew I was going to a theme park and to Barcelona so I wanted to keep my items in my bag secure. Both were around €6/€7.

The most expensive item I picked up was my new suitcase. It was only €24 which is really good value for a suitcase. It also fits perfectly into the bloody Ryanair cage that they put your hand luggage into. I love the design it's simple yet pretty.

While I was supervising the exams I needed to carry around an A4 sized folder so I needed a bag big enough to hold it. I picked up a great bargain. A lovely turquoise blue bag reduced from €13 to €5. This bag is amazing it's like a Mary Poppins's bag as it holds SO much! I still can't believe how much I can fit in it!

I got yet ANOTHER bag the other day when I decided I needed a medium sized back for when I went on a night out. A bag big enough to hold all my make up and a pair of flats for when my feet got too sore. I picked up this lovely bag for €9. It's simple and would go with a lot of outfits and colours.

I love to add a few hair accessories to my hair so I picked up this green flower for €1.50. It can also be used as a broach .

Finally my lovely boyfriend's Mam picked me up these fab leopard print flats. They were a fantastic bargain only €1 reduced from €6. I was chuffed with them!

So that is what I have been buying in Primark lately. Hopefully for my wallets sake I won't go too mad next month.

Larry x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Save Money! Great Sale Items!

With the Summer Sales now starting on the High Street, I decided to put together a post of my favourite sale pieces. There are some great bargains so if something catches your eye make sure you run out and grab it! (I left a links to the online shops for those of you who like to click and shop) Happy Shopping :)

1.Orange Dress - £12.49 £24.99 
2.Pink Dress £7.49 £14.99 
3.Jacket £7.49 £14.99 
4.Toiletry bag £2.49 £4.99 
5.Body lotion £0.99 £1.99

A wear awear online
 1.Black Print Dress WAS €35.00 NOW €25.00
2.Blue Floral Dress WAS €38.00 NOW €25.00
3.Blazor WAS €50.00 NOW €25.00
4.Pink Shoes WAS €39.00 NOW €19.50  
5.Skirt WAS €40.00 NOW €12.00

Top ShopTopshop Online
1. Daisy Printed Pleated Skirt £30.00 Now £15.00
2. Vintage Rose Skirt Was £30.00 Now £15.00
3. Set of three Nail Polishes Was £13.00 Now £6.00
4. Set of three Nail Polishes Was £13.00 Now £6.00

Did anything catch your eye?
Larry x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Primer: Lily Cole for The Body Shop

The second post in my mini primer series is the new Lily Cole 'Pearl Radiance' primer from The Body Shop. About a month ago I attended a blogger event in The Body Shop in Grafton Street. I was lucky enough to get a goodie bag and this Lily Cole Primer was one of the items inside.

The primer comes in a 15ml bottle with a transparent packaging. (This is handy as you can see exactly how much you have left!). It also comes with a pump and a hot pink lid bearing Lily's signature. The product itself is made up of small pearls. The first time I used this primer I thought it was strange as it comes out quite lumpy. However, once you rub in all the pearls it leaves a lovely glow.

The primer is not overly shimmery but gives the skin a lovely subtle glow. I personally prefer to use it over my foundation as I prefer a thicker primer. At €20 it is a bit expensive but it is still cheaper than Benefit's That Gal which is quite similar when they are applied to the face. 

Have you tried this primer?

Larry x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Win 5 Nails Inc Nail Polishes!

I have decided to hold a small giveaway just to say a huge thank you to all my readers for helping me pass over 26,000 views! This is crazy as I thought when I started this blog nobody would read it! To say thank you I have a set of five mini Nails Inc nail polishes to give away. Best of luck to all those who enter and thank you all again for reading! 

I opened the box just so you can see the colours inside. 

To enter 
Please follow through any of the following:
Google Friend Connect - Just click on join under followers

Please also leave a comment with your email address and what type of posts you would like to see more of on my blog :)

For extra entries
Follow me on Twitter @WhatLarryLoves 
Tweet about the giveaway

Competition closes on the 1st of July at midnight.
It is open internationally so anybody can enter.
Best of Luck to everybody!

How many Benefit samples fit into full sized products?

Every year in June Glamour magazine give away the most amazing free Benefit products! For £2 or just over €3 you can get your paws on amazing products. The products look small but in fact they are actually half a full sized product! Look closely at the packaging on the full sized products next time your at a Benefit counter and you will see they are actually not far off a full product!

The pore professional to buy is £23. 50/€34.00 and is 22 ml. So three 7.5ml bottles from Glamour will give you 22.5ml, which is more than a full product! Save £17.50! 

BADgal lash Mascara retails at £16.50 / €23.00 ad is 8.5g.  Two 4g mascaras from Glamour will only leave you 0.5g off a full sized 8.5g shop mascara! Save £12.50!

'That Girl' retails at £21.50 / €30.00 for an 11ml product. So two glamour 7.5ml products will get you 15ml nearly one and a half times more product! Save over £17.50!

This is a great opportunity to stock up as it will save you a lot of money! Have you picked up any of these products?

Larry x

Friday, 15 June 2012

Beauty Battle: Battle of the Face Scrubs!

Three face scrubs put to the test! Which one will come out on top?

Nivea Visage Young Smooth It! Mild Exfoliating Scrub - This scrub is designed for young skin. It contains small yellow and pink beads that exfoliate the skin well. My skin always feels smooth after using it.

Boots Vitamin E Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash. £2.03 - (I got this in an offer two products for €5) This is a face scrub with Vitamin E. The thing that really puts me off this product is too much comes out when you squeeze the bottle. I don't need the amount that comes out so it seems like a waste. It did exfoliate my skin but I wasn't 100% impressed with it.

Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity Foaming Face Wash £7.00. - (I got this in the big set at Christmas) This scrub is designed to clean, brighten and freshen skin. It also contains vitamin C. I love the texture of this scrub. It is a gel formula and smells lovely. I find it is not the best exfoliater in the world but it does leave my skin feeling really clean. It makes my skin feel tight though so I always put on a lot of moisturiser afterwards. I think it's a great cleanser but scrub wise not the best.

And the winner is...

It was the best by far at exfoliating my dry skin. It was also super cheap I think I only paid about €3 for it. What is your no.1 exfoliator?

Larry x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Best of Primark June/ July 2012

I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Penneys/ Primark. I was so excited when I found out that the Mary Street store now has THREE floors! The ladies shoes have been moved upstairs and the selection has got even better. Here are my top picks for Penneys for June and July.

Floral collar blouse €15 end of june 
Contrast print shell top €13 early july 
Print peplum dress €15 Mid july

Heart Stretch Watch €6 end of May
Satin Box Clutch €10 In Stores mid July 
Diamante Collar €5 Mid June

Stack Heel Ankle Boot €18 In Stores end June
Leopard Print Knotted Peep Toe €18 In Stores early July
Lace Up Sesert Wedge €18 mid June

Is there anything that is catching your eye? I love the lace up wedges!

Larry x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Primer: Catrice Prime and Fine

In the last few months I have gone slightly obsessed with primer. I now own a good few so I will be doing a mini primer series on my new obsession! First up we have Catrice Prime and Fine. I picked it up in a local chemist for the bargain price of €5.64. 

Since their introduction to the Irish market the quality of Catrice's products has increased dramatically. The brand launched a new look last year and their products are now not only extremely affordable but they also look great. Catrice Prime and Fine is designed to smooth and refine pores and lines. It is also a great base for make up. 

My hand is slightly tanned from my holiday but usually the primer still blends to the colour of my skin.
The primer comes in a 14g tub which for the price is excellent value. The fact that it is in a tub also means you can control exactly how much you want to use. I find sometimes with tubes I squeeze too much product out. The primer itself is quite thick and is a white/ cream colour. As I am really pale I find this primer really works well with my skin. As it is quite thick it covers really well and leaves the skin extremely silky, a perfect base for foundation. Overall I loved this primer! A brilliant price, nice packaging and most importantly it worked well. I would definitely buy it again. 

What is your favourite primer? 

Larry x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Holiday Beauty Favourites

I'm finally back blogging after a busy couple of weeks. I was away in Spain and since I got back I have been working supervising exams. I have time to write a quick post today so I decided to share my holiday favourites. 

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water - I picked up a mini bottle of this product as I knew I HAD to have it on holiday. This product is fantastic as it has so many uses. In Ireland I usually just use it to set make up or to freshen my make up during the day. In hot weather I use it a lot to cool down. It is so refreshing and feels amazing against your skin. I also used it on sunburn as it straight away cools and sooths the pain. 

Very hard to photo as the outside is like a mirror, mine broke but I reset it.
H&M Bronzer - My skin is usually milk bottle white. I like to be pale so I don't use any bronzer. However, I knew the sun would darken my skin so I packed H&M's Bronzer into my suitcase. Since my skin tanned in the sun my usual foundation was actually too pale for me. (This is a first!) I used the H&M bronzer to lightly darken the foundation to suit my new skin colour. I also used it to cover annoying white strap marks. I worked in H&M for years and this Bronzer was there no.1 selling beauty item. They used to sell out within a few days. I even saw people buying six or seven of them at a time. They are great value for money €5.95 for a HUGE bronzer. Be careful not to drop as they smash very easily. 

Rescue Oil Lotion - Another great product to pack in your suitcase is Rescue Oil Lotion. This lotion has so many uses including: 
  • Ageing Skin 
  • Scar Tissue 
  • Blemished Skin
  • Treatment and prevention of stretch marks
  • before, during and after pregnancy massage lotion
  • After Sun Treatment
  • Dry, dehydrated skin conditions 
I used it as a moisturiser and also as an after sun to sooth burned skin. It is non greasy and is easily absorbed to the skin. It worked really well and is only €1.49 in Dealz. I love that it is small enough to fit into my airport plastic bag for carry on suitcases. 

So that's my holiday favourites! I only wish I was still there....! 

Larry x
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