Thursday, 5 January 2012

Pow Wow Lip Scrub

I'm still a Lush Newbie so I'm really interested in trying new Lush products. After hearing from the blogger world that they have a sale in the New Year I had to go in for a look. Since I have SO much bath/shower products from my Soap and Glory 'Big Splendour Set' I did not want to buy any body or bath products. I did however want to have a look at Lush's cosmetics.

I have been interested in Lush's lip scrubs for awhile now but at €6.75 I kept thinking they were just too expensive. However, one little Lip Scrub 'Pow Wow' (I keep thinking of the old Batman fight scenes here POW!) had been reduced by 50%  and was now only €3.37. I had to buy it!

This lip scrub is unlike any I have used before. It can only be described as DELICIOUS. Yes Delicious! This tasty little product is edible! To use the lip scrub you rub it all over your lips and then LICK it off. It might sound a bit bizarre but it is amazing. The little particles that remove the dead skin are actually popping candy and bring me right back to the days when I was a child! So with the little help of snap crackle and pop your winter lips should on their way back to their normal state.

So what did I think? The lip scrub does smell and taste delicious (maybe to tasty.... ) but I do wish the size of the popping candy was smaller as it is a bit big at time to exfoliate the lips. (Lips do fell smoother though.) I do like this product and love the novelty factor but I don't think I would buy again. Despite that I like the product nearly €7 is too much for a lip scrub. An old toothbrush would work just as well to exfoliate the lips but would be a lot less tasty and fun!

Larry xx


  1. Sound yummy but like you said, I'd save my money and make my own x

  2. I had this, it's pretty good, but not their best! :)

  3. @Knight's Eclectic Yeah you should make your own! :)

    @LucyLou I seen on Lush's website that other people feel that this is not there best either! :)

  4. Hey Larry! Despite having Bonbon lip scrub and not being a huge fan of, Pow Wow was definitely on my Christmas whishlist but I gues I was too late for the Boxing Day sale as they were all gone, along with the Magic Wand and the Melting Snowman that I really wanted ):

  5. @GABY oh no! There was loads left in the Lush I was in along with the melted snowman and wand! :(


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