Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Do I really need the Naked Palette??

I have been lusting over Urban Decay's Naked palette for ages now and with the launch of the Naked Palette 2 my lusting increased. However, I began to ask myself do I actually NEED the Naked palettes? I own four Urban Decay palettes already! Shouldn't that be enough?! I decided to put together all the basics from my palettes to see actually how much basic Urban Decay colours I had, and could I in fact justify spending money on one of the Naked Palettes. The result shocked me!

My 'Naked' Palette!

I was so surprised to see just exactly how many basics I actually owned! 

Without realising I owned 4 colours from naked palette 1

  • Sin                                     
  • Half Baked
  • Smog
  • Gunmetal

I also owned 3 from naked palette 2
  • Half Baked
  • Suspect
  • YDK

In regards to the rest of the shades I was shocked I own so many that are similar! I can't believe I was even thinking about buying these palettes when I have so much eye shadow that I have not used! 

Naked Palette 1
Naked Palette 2

I am glad I realised this and saved my money. I think I was pulled in by the hype and publicity for the Naked palettes and didn't realise what I already owned! I'll save my pennys for other products!! :)

Larry xx


  1. Yeah there is definitely a lot of hype around the naked palette for sure! I do love that all the colours are ones I'd use though!


  2. I think it's good if you are new to Urban Decay but with the what I have I don't think I need it! :)

  3. That's a brilliant discovery! I have a few Urban Decay palettes too, I'll have to check mine to see if I have a similar state of affairs. Probably do!

  4. I admit I don't wear eyeshadow so I don't understand the hype but is it me or does the 2nd UD palette look almost identical to the 1st?

  5. @Kat You should definitely check yours out! :)
    @suggerpuffish It looks nearly exactly the same just with a black in it!

  6. I've lusted over the Naked palette for centuries now.haha.not kidding. :D AND I STILL HAVE MY EYES ON IT.i'm jealous you have some already in your collection. good thing you realised you had some shades already. :D

    Ps love the blog Laura :D


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