Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Essence Limited Edition 'Fruity'

When it comes to Essence and Catrice I adore their Limited Edition products. The new Essence Limited Edition to hit Ireland has just been announced! Ireland get ready to get Fruity! 

First up in this new Limited Edition is an eyeshadow sorbet. It is a sorbet mousse in brilliant spring colours. Sorbet for your eyelids! Available in 1.one kiwi a day 2. banana joe and 3.peach beauty. 

Also in this range is five new nail polish. Perfect for spring these nail polishes are designed to bring spring to your nails! They will be available in  01 banana joe, 02 peach beauty, 03 very cherry, 04 one kiwi a day… and 05 mashed berries.

Fruity also comes with a blush sorbet and nail fruit designs for your nails. Blush Sorbet looks very like the blush that was in the Ballerina Collection. It is an intense pink-red shade that is designed to give a natural flush. It will be available in one colour 01 smoothie operator. Nail Fruits are fruit designs for your nails. They can create eye catching nails in seconds and come with a handy nail glue. Available in one colour 01 fruit punch to go.

Along with the nail polishes are two top coats. The first 'fruity scented top coat' is a strawberry scented top coat for your nails. It gives your nails a 'seductive fresh strawberry scent'!!??? (Strange!) It will be available in 01 smells like strawberry... The second top coat is 'nail art sealing top coat' apply to nails after nail art for long-lasting results. Available in 01 stay fruity.

Finally the last two items of this Limited Edition are Fruity lip balms. They will be available in two fruity colours 01 peach beauty and 02 very cherry. They look quite nice and are supposed to 'pamper your lips with the delicious taste of spring'. I quite like these!

So will you be buying anything from Fruity? I want the lip balm. I'm hoping they will be a cheaper version of Revlon's Lip Butters! Time will tell when I get my hands on them!

Larry xx

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