Friday, 6 January 2012

NYC lipsticks

New York Colour is a brand that I have loved for a few years now. I used to find it really hard to get my hands on it however, as it was not sold in many shops in Ireland. I was DELIGHTED to find out that Penneys would be now stocking this brand! (It is definitely in Mary's Street and O' Connell Street so far anyway!) The lipsticks are one of my favourite products from this brand.

My favourite NYC lipstick is called 'Blue Rose'. This is an amazing lipstick! It is such a beautiful colour. It's a bright magenta with blue undertones. Many bloggers have compared Blue rose to Mac's Show Orchid. I have received so many complements while wearing this lipstick (One was a weird old man but we shall not dwell on that) To make things even better this gorgeous lipstick is less than €2.50!! I wear a coat of Lipcote over it and find it lasts a good few hours.

The second NYC lipstick I have is 'Fragile Pink'. This is a light pink lipstick that is suitable for day wear. As much as I love 'Blue Rose' I don't think the principal would be happy if I showed up to work wearing that! 'Fragile Pink' on the other hand is the perfect work lipstick as it gives my lips a nice colour without being very dramatic.

Overall I really like these lipsticks. They are pigmented, creamy and feel moisturising. They don't have that awful cheap lipstick scent either which is always a bonus! The only negative thing about them is the packaging which is a bit cheap. The lid sometimes does not close properly and this can squash the lipstick. (That's why my Blue Rose is in such a state in the pictures!) However, for less than €2.50 I can't complain too much!

If you have not tried NYC I would definitely recommend you try them out!

Larry xx


  1. Blue Rose is more amazing in real life! :D x

  2. Do they not sell these in any of your Superdrugs? They sell it almost everywhere in England. I usually dismiss the brand in general but the first one looks lush, literally just put it on my wishlist!

  3. There are only about four Super Drugs in Ireland! :( It's awful! They are in hard to get places none in the city centre!

  4. Never tried that brand, always walk past it in Superdrug. Maybe I should take a look

  5. You should try Blue Rose first. It's probably their best product :)


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