Sunday, 22 January 2012

Primark Spring 2012 Accessories

Primark's Spring 2012 Collection is still continuing to impress me. I already posted on Primark's new clothes collection. (Click Here!) I'm also very excited to get my hands on their new spring accessories. There are so many items I would love! Here are my top picks when it comes to the new accessories.

My favourite bag from the new collection has to be the bright yellow one! I love the colour, the style and also the little charm attached to it. The pinky/ orange bag I'm eyeing up for work. It will be perfect as I need a bag big enough to carry folders/A4 pads and the million other things I seem to accumulate over a weeks work. The little blue and white clutch I would like for nights out. The red apple bag reminds me of something H&M would have in their Divided range. I would not wear it myself but I know that I would have loved it a few years ago. (I just couldn't pull it off any more!)

Primark is one of my favourite place to get earrings. They are so cheap that you can buy lots of pairs and still have money to spare. I love big statement earrings, they can really change an outfit within seconds. I really like the look of the white and gold earrings above. I have dark brown hair so the white will really stand out against the brown when I wear them. The chandelier earrings in the middle are perfect for a night out if you want to look a bit glam. The beaded earrings on the left I can see myself wearing them during the day. They will be perfect for summer.

When it comes to shoes, I'm usually more a lover of flats. I just find flats more comfortable and easier to walk in. At 5'4 however, I'm a bit vertically challenged. I wan't to try and wear heels more often to give myself a bit of height. I'm eyeing up the wedges above. They look comfortable but more importantly will give me a few more inches! I love the colour of the light blue wedges on the far left. I'm still going to live in flats most of the time though! The blue and red shoes above will definitely be added to my list. They look water proof which is great. In Ireland it rains ALL year round. I had many summer shoes ruined by the unpredictable weather we have here. 

What do you think of these accessories? 

Larry xx


  1. Oah no, now I want to buy more lovely things ;)

  2. Oooh looks like some nice items that I will need to purchase hehe :)

  3. @Doma-Nikki I will have no money left when the Spring collection hits the shops!

  4. @fluff and fripperies I NEED the yellow one! :D


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