Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bourjois - Healthy Mix Foundation

I read so many good things about this foundation that I couldn’t resist buying it. With so many good reviews this foundation must be fantastic. The Daily Mail voted it 10/10 and it was also awarded product of the year by Consumer Survey of product innovation. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out…

This foundation claims to give 70% more radiance and a flawless luminous complexion for up to 16hrs. It also has fruit therapy for radiant boosted skin and anti-dull complexion range. 

The fruit therapy
Apricot – Radiance 
Melon - Hydration 
Apple – Antioxidant 
Ginger - Energy

I picked up the palest shade in Vanilla Clair. It’s a tiny bit too dark for me but you would not really notice. The first thing I noticed about this foundation is the AMAZING smell. It smells like no other foundation, really fruity and delicious. I applied my foundation as normal (including primer and powder) and off I went. I looked in the mirror a few hours later and I looked AWFUL. Most of the foundation had faded and it looked very patchy. The pump also broke it now takes aaaaages just to get a tiny bit out. I have to wack it on the back of my hand just to get some out!

Smells fantastic
I like the idea of fruit therapy 

Very light coverage
A little bit too dark 
Does not stay on
Pump on bottle broke 
Shows up dry patches 

I was extremely disappointed with this foundation and REALLY wanted to have liked it. I don’t know how it won so many awards as I found it awful. I’m determined to use it up though and mix it with a better foundation on days where I’m not too pushed about what I look like. (If I’m just going to the shops and wanted my appearance to look acceptable!) However, if I was going somewhere important I would never dream of using this! For me this foundation didn’t live up to the hype at all. Majorly disappointed. Sigh. 

Has anybody else tried this foundation? Is it just me who finds it terrible? 

Larry xx


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry this foundation doesn't work for you. I love it, it's my go-to daily foundation. It's light enough for me shade wise, the coverage is just what I'm looking for, I don't find it clings to dry patches at all and it lasts really well on me.

    I guess it just goes to show how different products work for different people.

  2. I always hear good things about this foundation, I almost bought it but like you the fair shade was still too dark for me. I use the concealer and I like that, it's not my holy grail concealer but it does a reasonable job.

  3. @cornflakegirl It's crazy how a foundation can work so well for somebody and awful for the next person! I'm raging it doesn't work for me as I LOVE the smell of it! :(

    @sugarpuffish I have never tried the concealer but I hear it's really good. I love the collection 2000 concealer though it's amazing :)

  4. I really want to try this! It is top of my list once I have used up some others! Oh and I followed! :D xxx

  5. Aw that's a shame you don't like it, I've tried it and thought it was really good. Foundation is so dependent on skin type - it's so annoying when you have to give stuff away or find a new way to use it. I had to give away a Bare Minerals set once after spending a fortune. Nice blog, now following! x

  6. @Iskay Thanks for the follow! :) You should definitely try it out! Some people LOVE it! It just didn't work for me :(

    @Sisters Don't Share I know it's crazy that somwthing works so well for someone and is horrible on the next person! Thanks for the follow! :)


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