Friday, 13 January 2012

Penneys / Primark Spring Collection

Despite the freezing weather we are having as soon as I seen Penneys / Primarks Spring collection I couldn't help feel a bit summery! These items will not be in shops till February and March. I can't wait to get my hands on some of them! 

Floral Print Prom Dress €19 - In Stores March
I am in LOVE with this dress! I love the colour, the shape and the pattern. (It does slightly look like a curtain BUT I DON'T CARE!)  At €19 it's not to expensive, it's cheap enough that I would be willing to part with my few shillings. This will be the perfect summer dress. It's cute, fun and girly.

Lily Print Tea Dress €21 - In Stores March
Once again I LOVE this dress! I'm obsessed with yellow and love the long sleeves. I'm hoping the length of the dress is not as long as it looks in the photo because I have ridiculously short legs. (I would look weird in it if it was too long!) I would wear a big belt with it to give it a bit more structure and also to break up the pattern a bit. 

Meadow Print Skirt €13 - In Stores Feb
I love the pattern of this skirt but the structure just would not suit me. This skirt is not for me. I prefer more flowly skirts. If the structure was different I would have loved it. 

Flower Print Blouse €13 - In Stores Feb
Oh dear I do not like this blouse at all! Both the sleeves and the shape are very strange. It reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt gone wrong. This is definitely not for me!

So what do you think? Will you be keeping an eye out for these pieces?

Larry xx


  1. Like the look of that "curtain" dress. I must see if my local Penneys will stock this, and If I had somewhere to wear the skirt I would get it! Sadly.. my kids don't appreciate nice skirt on Mommy...

  2. It's a shame the curtain dress is not out till March! I hope it doesn't sell out before I can buy it! x

  3. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these pieces! I love the skirt!
    I awarded you a Versatile Blogger award!


  4. awww thank you so much Serena!!! :D :D :D x

  5. There very pretty! :) I don't think I'd pull them off, but cant wait to see what else!

  6. The Primark lookbook genuinly looks awesome! I cannot wait to get my mitts onto some of there stuff.. they've really upped the game!
    I love the prom dress.. the pattern is gorgeous.x

  7. @LucyLou You should try them on when they come in! You never know you might love them on you! :)

    @Kfedland There clothes have really improved in the last few years! The prom dress is my favourite! :)


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