Monday, 30 January 2012

Catrice Limited Edition 'Nymphelia'

The new limited edition pictures for Catrice have been released! The new line 'Nymphelia' will hit Irish shores around February or March. I'm LOVING the look of it! I have not been this excited about a Catrice limited edition for ages. The one that is in shops at the moment is a bit snooze This range however is very eye catching and I'm already lusting after many items. Catrice describe this range as: 

'Soft and feminine yet strong and sensual – this is the perfect description for the world of nymphs. A mysterious world that hovers between nature and mysticism – a world shaped by goddesses and embodied by natural forces. This is reflected in the colour scheme of the Limited Edition “Nymphelia” by CATRICE. Warm red, orange and brown shades from the forest combined with green and nude tones bring the spring season to life in February and March 2012. The result: a natural yet modern and sensual make-up collection inspired by the international catwalks. The ideal make-up for delicate but strong ladies. Nymphelia – mystical and mythical.'

Eyes wise this limited edition is very strong. The mascara 'Lashes to Kill Mascara' is a black green which is quite unusual. This is designed to create 'amazing eyes'. The False lashes are very dramatic. For €4.49 they are cheap enough to experiment with dramatic eyes! The Smokey Eye set includes four eyeshadows for €4.99. I won't be bothered to buy this as I have a million eyeshadows! It's a good price however, if you don't have much eyeshadow and want to try a smokey look. Despite not needing anymore eyeshadow I'm lusting over the 'Intensif Eye Wet and Dry Shadow'. They are €4.29 each and can be used as the name suggests both wet and dry. The colours have a beautiful marble effect. There are three colours intertwined to create a gorgeous finish. I also love the names of the shadows 020 Charly’s Chocolate Factory and 040 Have You Seen Alice?. Names like this and the appearance of the shadows make them appear a lot more expensive than their bargain €4.29 price!

'Unbeleaf'able Blush' is a gorgeous marbled blush. It has three shades in intertwined red, orange and nude It's designed to give a natural fresh look. 

For lips there is three Lip colour creams. I think they are more cream than gloss similar I would say to the Collection 2000 Cream Puffs. 

Finally there is the nail polishes. They look quite plain compared to the rest of this edition. Although I adore the name of the light pink shade 'Salmon & Garfunkel' I think this is brilliant!

So what do you think? Will you be buying anything from this limited edition?

Larry xx


  1. What gorgeous looking shades! I would literally wear them all! So natural looking and warm!


  2. some gorgeous pieces :) i love the look of the smoky eye palette :)

  3. @sammycx If I didn't have so much eyeshadow I would want it! :)

  4. Those eyelashes are cool! Great post,now following!

  5. Never tried Catrice before but I hear so many good things about their products.The thing I really like about them is their packaging.The price is beyond cheap but the packaging doesn't look cheap at all. :)

    I already have my eyes on Intensif eye shadow in Charly's Chocolate Factory * loving the name too. :)* and the middle lip colour cream seen in the photo.Both products look gorgeous especially the lip color.Very coral, very BEAUTIFUL. Both products will go so well together right? I can already imagine the simple but stunning make-up look. :) Can't wait to get my hands on these items.Race you Laura to the till. haha :)

  6. @Diane You have never tried Catrice?! The packaging looks very like Gosh I think! Especially the nail polish. The names are great aren't they! :D Ha ha I will race yeah!Hopefully there will be enough to go around :)


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