Saturday, 21 January 2012

MNY Nail Polish

On my way home from work the other day I just 'happened' to find myself in Boots. Since it has opened in my town it has been a disaster for my wallet... The other day however, I found a great bargain that I just had to buy! This bargain was so good I not only bought one, I bought four! However, since each item was only €1 I think my spending ban won't mind too much.... Here is what I got my hands on.

MNY Cosmetics nail varnishes!

MNY Cosmetics are a younger sister of Maybelline. They are very bright and funky. MNY describe themselves as 'Colour! Be beautiful, be daring, be imaginative! These color inspired looks will teach every daring fashionista to reinvent herself with a full spectrum of never ending color possibilities.' As the nail polishes are so bright and colourful I have had my eye on these nail polishes for awhile now. They usually retail at about €5 so I just never got around to buying one. Although, when I seen them in my local Boots for €1 I jumped on the stand and bought four. The bottles only have numbers, they do not have a name as such. All the nail polishes have a pearl aspect to them.

461 - Copper

657- Aqua Blue / Bright Blue

665- Midnight Blue

753- Lime Green / Electric Green

I love the colours of these nail polishes! I wish that Maybelline would release the rest of the range such as the blushers and eyeshadows in Ireland. Have you tried anything from the MNY range??

Larry xx

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