Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Make that lipstick stay on!

While up the North in Belfast a few months ago I came across a strange little product in Superdrug called 'Lipcote'. I had never heard of this brand but was extremely intrigued by it. It claimed to be 'lipstick's best friend' a lipstick sealer that keeps lipstick in place and stops it from fading. This strange little bottle soon became my one of my favourite beauty products. I was devastated when I lost it as a wedding. Luckily though I came across it in Boots in the Jervis  in Dublin last week! Finding this product again and seeing the very cheap price tag of €3.99 meant I fell in love all over again.

Lipcote is a lipstick sealer that has been around for over FIFTY years! The Lipcote I bought in Boots is a 50th anniversary special packet. Lipcote teamed up with the artist Dora to redesign the packaging and also introduce a vanilla scent to the product.  Just to warn you though this is a product you either LOVE or really HATE. I fall of course into the love side. It can feel and smell strange at first but don't worry you get used to it! 

1. Line your lips with a liner and fill in.
2. Apply lipstick 
3. BOLT with a tissue (Important!)
4. Apply a very light layer of Lipcote over your lipstick. It might sting a small bit like a lip plumper but that    will go away. Be careful not to put too much product on as it will cause your lipstick to go flakey!
5. Keep lips apart while the Lipcote sets. (also don't eat or drink for about 15 mins)

If I follow these instructions I find that my lipstick has AMAZING staying power!  It stays vibrant and does not rub off.  As a tiny bit goes along way this product will last AGES!! It's a must have for lipstick lovers :)

Larry xx


  1. I didn't even realise they still made this. I used it back in my teens and it my Mum who introduced me to it. It always did a good job of making your lippie last.

  2. yeah it's crazy that it's 50 years old! I wish I had heard of it years ago :)

  3. I haven't used this in years, I must pick some up and try it out again.

  4. It's great if you use a small amount if you use too much it can be a disaster! You should definitely try it out though!

  5. i have been wanting to try lipcote for a while now but wasnt really sure :/ thankyou for the review!

  6. Never tried that one but I suppose it would be great with a red lip! On the list!

  7. No problem @Iheartmexo thanks for reading! :)

    @Gaelle- The make up Fairy I use it for red lip and it works really well! :)

  8. wow i love lipsticks and i have never tried a product like that!!! :D how does it smell though? *followed*

  9. This looks great and for four quid!
    Definitely picking it up next time I'm in boots!


  10. @kumiko Mae The original one smells quite strong but the 50th anniversary one that is in the post smells a lot better :)

    @Serena you should definitely pick it up :)

  11. Lipcote always reminds me of my mum. She used to use it when I was little and I remember it used to tingle when you put it on. Would love to try it again I hate my lipstick coming off :) x

  12. It does tingle but you get used to it! It's amazing stuff! x


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