Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Christmas 'Jumper'

I have searched high and low for a Christmas jumper this year. I really wanted one! Preferably a lovely tacky one with a cartoon Santa/reindeer. I was devastated not to get one of the Penneys/Primark ones in time. Sigh. Maybe next year... However, while in Penneys today I came across a T-shirt that made my lack of Christmas jumper less painful! Ok so it's not a Christmas jumper but it's the next best thing! 

This Betty Boop T-shirt was only €7. I only noticed when I was taking the photo of it for this post that it actually said KISSmas not Christmas... (Not really liking that part) However, I think I can look beyond that! They also have a Sponge Bob T-shirt that says 'I love presents' also €7. For those of you who like me didn't get a Christmas jumper this might be a cheap substitute! Hurry up to Penny's though as I'd say they won't be there for long! 

While on the subject of Christmas I also got a lovely Newbridge Silverware Christmas decoration off work today! Delighted with it! It's a little dove which I think is gorgeous. We had a carol service today in the school so I'm in a very festive mood now! Roll on Christmas! 

Larry xx

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