Monday, 19 December 2011

Essence Circus!

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas Nails Essence Limited Edition 'Circus Circus' might be exactly what you are looking for. It's the perfect Christmas red with one side and a gorgeous red glitter on the other. This is perfect as you can make up to three colours from the one nail polish. 1. Red. 2. Glitter. 3. Red Glitter.

This nail polish also comes in purple with purple glitter and black with gold glitter. The Circus nail polish are €3.99 each. If the black and gold takes your fancy you would probably better off buying the small individual nail polishes in black and gold glitter which are €1.29 each. (This will save you more than a euro!) Unfortunately you can't get the red or purple glitter in the small individual nail polishes so you will have to buy from the circus range!

The Red side

Red side with the glitter side on top

There is also a lip topper which I'm also very keen to try. It's described as adding glamour to any lipstick! I will have to buy this! What are your thoughts on the new Essence range?

Larry xx


  1. gorgeous colour perfect for this season!

  2. I got this the other day and really like it. Agree it's very christmassy. I would love to try the other colours but anywhere I've seen an Essence stand, they are sold out :(

  3. @anitasbeautyblog I like the look of the purple one aswell! :D

  4. still on ahunt for the rest of them :( everywhere I go, I keep getting told ah that flew out the door (so not helpful)


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