Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pixi Makeup

Tk Maxx is fast becoming one of my favourite places to shop for make up. I picked up this bargain a few weeks ago for €3.99 and I'm delighted with it!

I had never heard of Pixi make up before but seeing as it was only €3.99 (RRP €33.99!!) I decided ah sure I might as well buy it. Pixi is a make up brand started in Soho London over 10 years ago. It's aim is to create 'just had a good nights sleep look'.This palette is called the 'Pixi wakeup palette' and contains 2 eye primers/concealers, 18 eye shadows 2 blusher duos and 8 lip glosses.

The Main sections consists of the eye shadows and the two primers/concealers. The primers do make the eye shadow more vibrant but they are no Urban Decay primer. The eye shadows however, I am really impressed with. I LOVE the shades. I still have not bought the Urban Decay Naked palette yet so I was delighted to find a nude eye shadow palette for so cheap.

The eye shadows are quite pigmented and are even better with a primer underneath. They are quite small but then again you do get 18 to choose from.

The palette also comes with two blusher duos. I love the pink blush! The highlight shade that is beside it works really well with the pink. It's shimmery without being over the top. I can even wear it to work. The darker blush I don't really use but would be perfect for those who like to contour their face. 

Also included is 8 lip glosses. I'm not much of a lip gloss wearer I usually stick with my lipstick, however I must say I am impressed with the pigment of these lip glosses. The darker shades are really vibrant on the lips while the lighter shades have a nice sheer element to them. If your into your lip glosses I'd say you would love them.

Overall for €3.99 I think I got a FANTASTIC bargain! :)

Larry xx


  1. What an adorable set!! I immediately thought of fairies when I saw all the colours too! xx

  2. Well done on finding such a bargain. I paid full price for this a few years ago and used to use the eyeshadows in this every day :) Trying to get more use out of my UD Naked palette now though! x

  3. What a bargain that was!!

    I love TK Maxx but have never bought make up there, I'll have a look next time I'm in now!

  4. @suzy I really want the naked palette! and also now that there is Naked palette 2 out now I want that too!! :)

    @blahblahbecky you should definitely have a look! :)

  5. What a bargain!! Loving the swatches :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  6. @Christine Thanks! Delighted with it ! :D


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