Monday, 5 December 2011

Better than Batiste ??

Dry Shampoo can sometimes be my best friend. Not only do I have hair that gets greasy very quickly but I also have a fringe! (bangs for any American readers! :) ) Dry shampoo gives my fringe extra volume and also revives it when it starts to look stringy. For years I have been using Batiste dry shampoo and loved it. It saved many a dodgy hair day!

Recently however, Batiste is sitting unused on my shelf as I have found an even better dry shampoo. My new love is 'Girlz only' dry shampoo. Ok so the name is a bit crap but look beyond it! 

What do I love about this product? Firstly it's much cheaper than Batiste at €1.99. I love the colours it comes  in, (sorry Batiste but you don't look as pretty.) It has a nice scent that is not overpowering. Most importantly it is only slightly grey which brushes out easily. Batiste sometimes left me looking like a granny! I  had so much grey in my hair despite brushing like crazy! My hair looks fresh and washed after a few sprays. This is definitely one of my top haves! :)

What do you think is this better than Batiste??

Larry xx 

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