Thursday, 29 December 2011

A lovely Parcel!

Today I received a parcel from knightseclectic ! I entered a competition a few weeks ago and was DELIGHTED when I won! (I never win anything but had a rather lucky week that week winning a few competitions! ) From the lovely Lisa at knightseclectic I won a gorgeous handmade owl necklace (That she made herself! I'm very jealous of her talent!) and also a fabulous 'Chilli Pepper London' make up palette. 

How pretty is this palette? :) Inside is a mirror, 12 eye shadows, four lip glosses and two brushes. The eye shadows are beautiful. Six of them have a gold bird as well as the main colour. I'm nearly afraid to touch them they are so pretty! I was well chuffed with this palette! :)

It's so pretty!!
I also won this lovely HANDMADE necklace! It was in the a gorgeous little bag. I still can't believe knightseclectic made it!!

I would like to say thanks again to Lisa this parcel made my day! :) Make sure you all check out her page at: 

Larry xx


  1. So glad you liked the prizes, I got one of the palettes for Christmas and have had loads of use from it (yes even the pretty bird ones although i was reluctant lol)X

  2. That is so pretty!! Congrats!

  3. @Girlwiththeskew-earring it's so pretty!

    @Marijo Thanks! :D

  4. theyre so cute! love chillie pepper items!

  5. I had never tried Chilli Pepper before but I'm loving this! :D

  6. Laura congrats to you.Lucky lady :D I'M SO JEALOUS. that palette looks gorgeous and that owl necklace is so pretty and cute. i won a giveway recently.couldn't believe my luck but i did.i'm just waiting for the parcel to arrive.all the way from the US.. quite far isn't?

  7. I was REALLY lucky that week and won a competition from collection 2000 too! :) It's a make up back full of make up plus one for a friend! I think I'm going to giveaway one on my blog so keep an eye out! The post is awful at the moment from Christmas and the New Year so I'd say your parcel is delayed. xx


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