Saturday, 9 June 2012

Holiday Beauty Favourites

I'm finally back blogging after a busy couple of weeks. I was away in Spain and since I got back I have been working supervising exams. I have time to write a quick post today so I decided to share my holiday favourites. 

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water - I picked up a mini bottle of this product as I knew I HAD to have it on holiday. This product is fantastic as it has so many uses. In Ireland I usually just use it to set make up or to freshen my make up during the day. In hot weather I use it a lot to cool down. It is so refreshing and feels amazing against your skin. I also used it on sunburn as it straight away cools and sooths the pain. 

Very hard to photo as the outside is like a mirror, mine broke but I reset it.
H&M Bronzer - My skin is usually milk bottle white. I like to be pale so I don't use any bronzer. However, I knew the sun would darken my skin so I packed H&M's Bronzer into my suitcase. Since my skin tanned in the sun my usual foundation was actually too pale for me. (This is a first!) I used the H&M bronzer to lightly darken the foundation to suit my new skin colour. I also used it to cover annoying white strap marks. I worked in H&M for years and this Bronzer was there no.1 selling beauty item. They used to sell out within a few days. I even saw people buying six or seven of them at a time. They are great value for money €5.95 for a HUGE bronzer. Be careful not to drop as they smash very easily. 

Rescue Oil Lotion - Another great product to pack in your suitcase is Rescue Oil Lotion. This lotion has so many uses including: 
  • Ageing Skin 
  • Scar Tissue 
  • Blemished Skin
  • Treatment and prevention of stretch marks
  • before, during and after pregnancy massage lotion
  • After Sun Treatment
  • Dry, dehydrated skin conditions 
I used it as a moisturiser and also as an after sun to sooth burned skin. It is non greasy and is easily absorbed to the skin. It worked really well and is only €1.49 in Dealz. I love that it is small enough to fit into my airport plastic bag for carry on suitcases. 

So that's my holiday favourites! I only wish I was still there....! 

Larry x

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