Monday, 25 June 2012

Primark Haul!

It has been a while since my last Primark / Penneys haul. However, over the past month or so I have bought a good few things in Primark so here is what I have been parting my cash for!

Bags, bags bags and even more bags. I can't believe I actually bought so many this month, but they should last me ages. (I hope so anyway...) Before I went on holiday I wanted to buy small bags I could easily fit into my suitcase and had a long strap so it could go over me. I knew I was going to a theme park and to Barcelona so I wanted to keep my items in my bag secure. Both were around €6/€7.

The most expensive item I picked up was my new suitcase. It was only €24 which is really good value for a suitcase. It also fits perfectly into the bloody Ryanair cage that they put your hand luggage into. I love the design it's simple yet pretty.

While I was supervising the exams I needed to carry around an A4 sized folder so I needed a bag big enough to hold it. I picked up a great bargain. A lovely turquoise blue bag reduced from €13 to €5. This bag is amazing it's like a Mary Poppins's bag as it holds SO much! I still can't believe how much I can fit in it!

I got yet ANOTHER bag the other day when I decided I needed a medium sized back for when I went on a night out. A bag big enough to hold all my make up and a pair of flats for when my feet got too sore. I picked up this lovely bag for €9. It's simple and would go with a lot of outfits and colours.

I love to add a few hair accessories to my hair so I picked up this green flower for €1.50. It can also be used as a broach .

Finally my lovely boyfriend's Mam picked me up these fab leopard print flats. They were a fantastic bargain only €1 reduced from €6. I was chuffed with them!

So that is what I have been buying in Primark lately. Hopefully for my wallets sake I won't go too mad next month.

Larry x


  1. Great post! I absolutely LOVE the big blue bag- it's like the Marc Jacobs in The Devil Wears Prada! I'll definitely look out for that next time I'm in Primark- I hope its available :)xx

    1. Thanks Julianne! Yeah it is a great bargain I love it. It holds so much it is crazy!

  2. i love all the small bags! the shoes are so cute xx

  3. I love a good Primark haul! Looks like you went to town on the bags, I love your new suitcase. I am really trying not to spend a the moment, but Primark makes it impossible, as I always trick myself into thinking that it's cheap so it doesn't count, haha.
    Mel x

    1. oh god I really went to town.... ! oh well. I know everything is so cheap it's so hard not to buy anything. I always trick myself into thinking it doesn't count too!


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