Saturday, 26 May 2012

Dupe of Bourjois Paris 'Magic Nail Polish Remover for €1.49!

Bourjois Paris 'Magic Nail Polish Remover' as been everywhere lately. On blogs, in magazines and advertised in shops. I totally fell for the hype and really wanted to get my hands on it. I went into Boots to look for it and discovered it was nearly €7! I don't know it just seemed a lot to pay for nail polish remover! I decided against buying it but I still was quite intrigued by it and put it on my maybe list. 

While in Dealz yesterday I came across a product that looks EXACTLY like the Bourjois version and as always with all Dealz items it was only €1.49. Both products come in a small pink tub with foam inside. The Dealz version has white foam not black like the Bourjois.

Inside the Tub

To remove your nail polish you put your finger in the tube, twist the tub around in a circle and remove finger and voilà your nail polish is gone! So does this cheap as chips Dealz version work?? YES! Amazingly it works really well. It does have a strong nail polish smell in the tub but this doesn't transfer to fingers. I have read reviews on blogs that say the Bourjois version also smells very strong in the tub so don't let that put you off. It does contain acetone though if you prefer acetone free stick with the Bourjois version. 

Overall for €1.49 this product is pretty amazing! I was quite happy with this little bargain!

Larry x


  1. Wow. Great find Laura. I shall look forward next time I'm in Dealz. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Where's Dealz in dublin? I've never been there!!

    Great post must check this out!!

    1. ooh Dealz is AMAZING! It does revlon, collection 2000, Sally Henson make up and loads more for €1.49. They are old season but many of the items such as nail polish are grand. I'm not sure if I would trust mascara though. It's in Blanch and Omni park in Dublin :)

  3. Love your blog! Just started mine
    If you ever have a moment, please look =)

    Gem x


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