Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Best of Primark June/ July 2012

I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Penneys/ Primark. I was so excited when I found out that the Mary Street store now has THREE floors! The ladies shoes have been moved upstairs and the selection has got even better. Here are my top picks for Penneys for June and July.

Floral collar blouse €15 end of june 
Contrast print shell top €13 early july 
Print peplum dress €15 Mid july

Heart Stretch Watch €6 end of May
Satin Box Clutch €10 In Stores mid July 
Diamante Collar €5 Mid June

Stack Heel Ankle Boot €18 In Stores end June
Leopard Print Knotted Peep Toe €18 In Stores early July
Lace Up Sesert Wedge €18 mid June

Is there anything that is catching your eye? I love the lace up wedges!

Larry x


  1. That dress and the watch is from PRIMARNI? No way in hell thats from there, that looks so pretty! xx

  2. Oh great post I want everything but the high shoes cause I couldn't walk in them!:)

    1. ha ha I'm the same! I can't walk in heals any more apart from wedges :)

  3. Those cheetah skin shoes are amazing!


    1. I love them but I think they would be too high for me. I'll just lust from afar :)

  4. Oh my lord, the top three things are amazing! And as you said, the lace yp wedges!!! xx

  5. Great post, I hate that Primark doesn't have a proper website so it's nice when someone saves you the trip into town! Haha. Everything looks gorgeous, as per - I feel like Primark have really improved their offerings in terms of clothes, of late. I only ever used to pick up accessories and shoes in there, but these days they are getting it spot on. It is a shame the prices have crept up though!
    Mel x

    1. The prices really have started to creep up haven't they? Many of the dresses are over €20 now when they used to be around €13.... but they have gone high fashion too so maybe thats where the extra euro is going!


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