Thursday, 21 June 2012

Save Money! Great Sale Items!

With the Summer Sales now starting on the High Street, I decided to put together a post of my favourite sale pieces. There are some great bargains so if something catches your eye make sure you run out and grab it! (I left a links to the online shops for those of you who like to click and shop) Happy Shopping :)

1.Orange Dress - £12.49 £24.99 
2.Pink Dress £7.49 £14.99 
3.Jacket £7.49 £14.99 
4.Toiletry bag £2.49 £4.99 
5.Body lotion £0.99 £1.99

A wear awear online
 1.Black Print Dress WAS €35.00 NOW €25.00
2.Blue Floral Dress WAS €38.00 NOW €25.00
3.Blazor WAS €50.00 NOW €25.00
4.Pink Shoes WAS €39.00 NOW €19.50  
5.Skirt WAS €40.00 NOW €12.00

Top ShopTopshop Online
1. Daisy Printed Pleated Skirt £30.00 Now £15.00
2. Vintage Rose Skirt Was £30.00 Now £15.00
3. Set of three Nail Polishes Was £13.00 Now £6.00
4. Set of three Nail Polishes Was £13.00 Now £6.00

Did anything catch your eye?
Larry x


  1. Oh great post I was only in AWear mooching at the sale stuff on Tuesday:)

    1. I love awears sales you can get great bargains!

  2. Ooh I wouldnt mind that h&m body lotion and the Topshop nail polishes!

    1. I think I'll pop into H&m tomorrow to see what I can get :)


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