Monday, 6 August 2012

F&F Blush in Petal

Here in Ireland we don't get some make up that is available across the pond in The UK. I'm always intrigued by products that are not available in Ireland. I think it's because I can't get them I want to try them more. I know I'm a big child! :) My parents live in London and my lovely mother is always buying me cosmetics that I can't get my hands on. On one visit home she brought with her an F&F blush. F&F is the Tesco brand. In Ireland we can get F&F clothes but not cosmetics. I was delighted to try some out.

It's looking a bit more coral in pictures. In real life it is more pink.
The blush I got is in the colour 'Petal' and costs £5. It is a lovely pale pink colour. As I am quite pale this blush really suits my skin tone. It gives a very natural looking colour which I love. I used it a lot during the school year as I like my make up to be as natural looking as possible when I'm teaching. It's designed to 'lift any tired face'. It gave my face a lovely natural colour while I was still half asleep getting up in the mornings. 
It's the perfect daytime blush. I do like something a but more shimmery if I was going on a night out though! After trying this blush I would love to test out more in this range. 

Have you tried anything from the F&F range?

Laura x


  1. I wish we could get all the stuff the UK can get! The blush looks perfect for daytime. Gorgeous x

    1. At least we can get Essence and Catrice in Ireland. The Uk miss out on that!

  2. I bought these blushes yesterday and they were on sale, 1.80 euro for one piece so i was really sceptical about it but now i am more than surprised!!! Colours are natural but good pigmented and good quality for such low prize :)


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