Monday, 16 April 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Strips

Before I went to London I bought a pair of runners in Penney's as I knew I would be walking miles over there. Unfortunately they didn't fit my huge feet so I had to bring them back. (They barely fit my sister who is a size 6 so I think they are shrinking shoes) Alas, by the time I returned from London I had lost the receipt so I could only get an exchange.  I had my eye on Sally Hansen Nail Wraps for aggggessss so I picked them up for my exchange. They are originally €5.50 but only cost €1.50 in exchange for the runners. So did they live up to my expectations?

Inside the pack is 16 nail polish strips, a mini nail file and cuticle stick. The strips are made from real nail polish and actually have a strong nail polish smell. This surprised me as I have used strips in the past that were just plastic stickers.

1. Pick a wrap that fits your nail size.
2. Remove the clear protective plastic.
3. Apply strip to nail, rub, file into place.

Please ignore the state of my nails they are in bits at the moment and are tiny... :(

Overall I was quite pleased with how the nail strips turned out! I found them easy to apply and didn't take too long. (About ten minutes) They are not as messy or as strong in scent as actual nail polish which is a bonus. Unfortunately I found that they did not stay on too long. This however is my fault as I always subconsciously peel off my nail varnish. It drives me insane! I could see them lasting a good few days on a person who does not attack their nails like me!

I was quite impressed and would buy them again for a night out or a special occasion. Next time I would pick a different pattern as the pattern I picked at first glance just looks like crackled nail polish. I'm not sure at a glance people would notice the real pattern on the nails.

Larry xx


  1. i'm so tempted to try these they look great

    1. They are not too expensive so well worth a try! :)


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