Friday, 20 April 2012

My Very first Mac Product!

While in London visiting my parents I got my very first Mac product! I'm so excited about this! While browsing in Selfridges with my Mam I came across a product that looked very like the Beauty Blender sponge. I have been lusting after a Beauty Blender ever since I seen it on The Make-up Chair

My lovely mother insisted on buying it for me. She asked the sales assistant how much it was and she replied '£3 or £4'. I was shocked and told my Mam there was no way that it would be that price, more like £15! My Mam said she would get it anyway and went up and paid for it. It turned out it was £15.  I don't know how a sales assistant was so far off the price. I guessed the correct price and I have never even bought any Mac products before!

Unlike the Beauty Blender the MAC version does not expand in water.
The sponge itself is called MAC Pro Performance Sponge. It is small and pink with one rounded end and one pointed end. The odd shape is designed to give precise application and blending of liquid or cream formulas in hard-to-reach areas of the face. It is also latex free. I have been using this sponge for two weeks now and I'm really impressed with it. Usually I'm a apply foundation with fingers kind of girl as I hate foundation brushes. This product has changed that though. I find it so easy to use and it blends so well. It is a firm sponge that 'bounces' off your skin and buffs the foundation into the skin. 

The only negative thing about the sponge is that it stains easily. I have only had it two weeks and the vibrancy of the pink has already faded. It also has a few foundation stains on it that despite washing you can still see. However, this would not bother me at all as I'm so in love with the product and would really recommend it to those who want an alternative to foundation brushes.

Larry xx


  1. 3/4 pounds?

    I actually laughed out loud when i heard that. I've never tried a sponge like that, I love my Real Techniques buffering brush for foundation application

  2. I never knew Mac did a sponge like this :) I had the beauty blender and loved it but my puppy stole and ate it the little brat and I cant justify replacing it as it is so expensive! But i might look into this :) xxx

  3. Cosmopolitan do one too for about £5. You can get them in Superdrug. I used to use the Beauty Blender but now I use that one instead. :)

  4. I am yet to get my first MAC product, very jealous!


    1. I have wanted one for aaaaaaaageessss! :D


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