Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Catrice New Limited Edition Revoltaire!

Catrice have done it once again with a new AMAZING limited edition! There new limited edition 'Revoltaire' will hit shelves this April/May. The name is odd but let me assure you there is nothing 'Revolting' about 'Revoltaire'!I think the name is based on 'revoltiere' which means 'rebel' in German. The name suits their edgy rebel look. 'To have the courage to be yourself and all that you want to be. To break free of conventions and to enjoy a new passion for life'  The collection is very colourful and pretty, many items have caught my eye already!

How amazing does this palette look? Plus it's only €4.99!!  Each palette has three colour-intensive powder eyeshadows AND a cake eyeliner as well! If you look closely at the brush you will see one end is a sponge applicator and the other is an eyeliner brush! Inside is also a mirror while the packaging is a beautiful gun metal case decorated with the 'Revoltaire' logo. This palette will be available in two colours: Toxic Combination and Explosive Combination.

There are three lipsticks in the Revoltaire collection.

1. Nude Alarm
2. Colour Bomb
3. Bloody Red

Each Lipstick is Matte and comes in a gun metal case with the Revoltaire Logo. They look a lot more expensive than a mere €4.49!

With muted neutrals to bright neons there is a nail polish in this collection to suit everyone! 
  1. Attracting Camouflage 
  2. Colour Of Honor 
  3. Innocent Toxin 
  4. Colour Bomb 
  5. Mission Lilac
I have my eye on Colour Bomb and Mission Lilac!

The final two products from this collection are a powder blush in the colour 'Colour Bomb' €4.99 and a lip brush for €3.49.So far I'm  lusting after the green palette, Colour Bomb lipstick, Colour Bomb and Mission Lilac Nail polishes and the lip brush!

Will you be buying anything from this collection?

Larry xx


  1. The colour bomb lipstick looks gorgeous and summery! x

  2. The Blush will be my Preciousssssssss and maybe the Lipsticks too. And the lip brush.... deffo the lip brush...

  3. These eyeshadow quads look very cute!


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