Sunday, 22 April 2012

Avon's Secret Fantasy and Secret Fantasy Star Perfume

My boyfriend's Mam sells Avon, so I always ask for a brochure to keep me amused while my boyfriend watches football. I love the fact that even though it is a brochure you can still test perfumes by rubbing selected parts of a page. When I smelled 'Secret Fantasy' knew I had to have it. Both the smell and the look of the bottle reminded me of Britney's perfumes. I adore sweet smelling perfume so this is perfect for me. To make things even better there was a deal on, buy one perfume and get one free. So for €13 I picked up 'Secret Fantasy' and 'Secret Fantasy Star'.

Both perfumes are very sweet, very fruity, very girly. Secret Fantasy is 'a sweet blend of innocent red fruits and feminine jasmine, with an intense heart of velvety white musk and warm sandalwood.' Secret Fantasy Star differs slightly. It is 'a sparkling cocktail of mandarin and plum with mysterious night blooming jasmine, scarlet peony, and intimate silky sandalwood.' There is not a huge difference in the scents but smelling them side by side I can definitely smell a difference! 

I love the packaging of both perfumes. They both come in very pretty boxes and cute bottles. Both also come with a detachable charm. The charm represents the meaning behind the perfume. Secret Fantasy has a key charm so you can 'Discover your innermost thoughts and dreams. Secret Fantasy, unlock the magic.' While Secret Fantasy Star comes with a star charm to 'stand out form the crowd, Secret fantasy Star, reveal your inner Diva.' 
The perfumes charms.
The only negative thing I can say about the perfume is that it doesn't come with a lid. The charm comes with a little clasp that clicks around the top of the bottle so it can't spray. I'm not to sure how well this would work if I put the perfume into my bag as I think the clasp might come off easily. This is only a minor complaint however and is something that I could easily live with.

The charm clasp that stops perfume from spraying.
Both perfumes are perfect for the Spring and Summer months. If you are a lover of fruity scents like Britney's perfumes this might be a cheaper alternative. They cost €13 each but Avon have special deals on all the time. (As I mentioned above I bought mine in a buy one get one free offer, so they were only €6.50 each.) In Avon's current brochure both perfumes are in a buy one get one half price deal.

Larry x


  1. Hi I am interested in the fantasy would you recommend them based on longevity? I am wondering as EDT are not as long lasting. Thanks for the review, they do look good.

    1. I find it's not as long lasting as Britneys perfumes would be :(


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