Monday, 2 April 2012

March Empties!

Another month gone another empties post! 

Product - Boots Extracts Fair trade Mango Body Butter and Body Wash
Price - Reduced to €2 in January sales.
What did I think? - I really liked the mango scent. It is strong without being overpowering. The shower gel is really refreshing and lathers well. The body butter is creamy and moisturising.
Would I buy again? - I would buy both of them again. The body butter is much cheaper than the Body Shop butters but are very similar.

Product - Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears
Price - €12.75
What did I think? - Oh I love this perfume! I love sweet smelling perfumes so this is my cup of tea. Fruity and fresh!
Would I buy again? - Yes I love it!

Product - 17 Photo Flawless Primer
Price - I think it was about €7 it is £4.99 in the U.K.
What did I think? - It is definitely the smoothest silkeyest primer I have tried. I'm not sure if it did make my make up stay on longer however.
Would I buy again? - I'm not sure... maybe...

Product - Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloth Face Wipes
Price - £4.50 about €6 (I got mine in the Big Splendour set at Christmas)
What did I think? - I was actually surprised that I HATED this product! They really made my skin sore and sensitive. I was not impressed at all. My beloved Penneys/ Primark are so much better!
Would I buy again? - Not a chance!

So there you have it my March Empties! 

Larry xx


  1. ohh i finished the mango shower gel this month as well! love the body butter too :)

    1. I will buy them again they smelled fab! :)

  2. Those are great products! I've never gone through an entire bottle of perfume, though. The mango body butter and wash sound divine!

    1. I usually only buy small perfumes so I usually finsh them :)

  3. I hated those wipes too, I pawned them off on my sister when they were in the big box again this year!! LOVE that perfume, I seem to be going through it like it's going out of fashion, currently using Britney Cosmic Radiance and I <3 it. Haven't tried that primer but the foundation from that photo finish range is good! Great post x

    1. Ha ha my sister tried to gives me a packet of them but I gave them to my other sister. I hated them! I have not tried cosmic radiance I must try it!:)

  4. I think they changed the formula on the wipes. Used to love them but I now find them too harsh


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