Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Product of the Week: Avon

Ever since a hairdresser made me look like a mushroom about 3 years ago I have been afraid to get my haircut. Since then I have only got about an inch or half an inch off when I get my hair cut. As a result my hair is now super long. Sometimes in between cuts it doesn't look the best as the style looses shape. For the last two weeks I have been using Avon's Naturals Key Lime & Passion Flower Volumising Shampoo and have been loving the results!

Unlike previous volumising shampoo I have tried it doesn't make my hair feel like wool or make it impossible to brush. It gives my hair a nice shape without being over the top volumised. (Although I wish it did as there can never be too much volume in my opinion!) Since I have been using it I have had four people tell me my hair looked lovely. Not bad for two weeks eh? The good news is I got this shampoo for the bargain price of €1.25. The bad news is that Avon have now discontinued it. :( 

They do currently have a different volumising shampoo 'Advance Techniques Volume Shampoo' on special for €2.50 for a 400ml bottle. I have just ordered some so I hope it will be as good as their last one. It's such a shame they got rid of such a good product. Sigh.

Have you any volumising shampoo that you love?

Laura x


  1. I really wanted to try avon but aren't they selling in china now? so they have lost their cruelty-free status. Not cool avon :(

    1. It's such a shame they are no longer cruelty free :(


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