Sunday, 5 August 2012

Stila Bargains!

With rumours going around the Internet that Stila products were in Poundland I began to get very excited. In hope that they were in the Irish version of Poundland (Dealz) I asked the Irish bloggers on Twitter had they seen any in Dealz. Word soon got back to me that Aundrea from dancin with disaster had got her hands on some. Hearing this I was then on a mission. I was determined to get myself some Stila! 

I ran to my nearest Dealz and zoomed over to the make up. I nearly gave up and then I spotted Stila boxes underneath the make up. I picked up Angel Light Whitening Powder Foundation and Angel Light Whitening Powder Foundation sponges. The products came in small white boxes. In each box was 3 foundations and in the other  6 foundation sponges. (I think there was a mistake and they should have been sold on their own) This was great news for me though as I got loads of Stila products for €3.00!

Angel Light Whitening Powder Foundation in the colour in Shade B, €1.50 for 3! At first I thought it would be too dark for my skin but it blends in perfectly. It's a lovely soft silky finish.

Angel Light Whitening Powder Foundation Sponges 

If you want an amazing baragin get yourself to Dealz as soon as you can. I'm going to pop back in and pick up more of the foundation. For €1.49 you can not go wrong!

Laura x


  1. Aw, thanks for the mention lovely lady! ;) xx

    1. No problem! Thanks for letting me know Stila was in Dealz! :D

  2. I really like Stila! What a great deal :)

  3. What a bargain! There's a Dealz in Mullingar that I fully intend on rooting through in the next few days :)

  4. amazing haul Laura. You lucky gal :)


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