Monday, 2 July 2012

Catrice Sneak Peek: 'Cucuba'

Catrice have done it once again! Another very pretty Limited Edition will be coming to Irish shores this autumn. This new range 'Cucuba' is inspired by the Caribbean and has warm beautiful summer colours.

This range comes with 5 loose shadows that Catrice describe as 'highly-pigmented' and inspired by the colourful Cuban scenery. They come in a yellow, mint green, two bronze shades and a coral. I love the look of the mint green and the lighter bronze. I will definitely be checking these out!

The range also comes with 5 nail polishes that match the loose eye shadow. Just like the eye shadow they come in yellow, mint green, two bronze shades and a coral. The coral is more pink however in the nail polish version.

Unfortunately there are only two lipsticks in Cucuba. Catrice describes them as a 'gel-like texture'. I'm really interested to see what this will be like! I wish there was more colours in the range however as I only like the coral.

There are also two liquid shimmer eyeliners. A bright mint that changes into a light blue and a dark brown that contains gold pigments. I quite like the look of the brown. I usually stick with black liquid eyeliner but I think I will buy this for a change.

Finally the last product in Cucuba is a bronzer. Designed to help create a Cuban summer look. It is also Matt which means it's good for contouring.

What do you think of this limited edition? I do like it, but fear that by the time it comes to Irish shores it may be too late. I'm not sure if I will still want the 'Summer Look' in the middle of autumn. I will have to wait and see. If only it had been launched in May/June!

Larry x


  1. Replies
    1. There are some lovely items I wish they were available now! :(

  2. Hmm I love catrice but the nail polish isn't really that great looking. So annoying that they don't release actual bottle shots of the polish.

    1. Yeah are very computer generated looking. You sometimes don't know what it is like till they hit the shops...

  3. its very pretty, but may have to stay sealed until next summer...

    1. I know! That is what might put me of buying. I do like the looks of things but I wonder if I would use them in September/October???


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