Saturday, 28 July 2012

July Empties!

I really can't believe it is nearly August! This year is going so fast. Here is my July empties.

Catrice Infinite Matt Foundation in 010 Light Beige.
I bought this foundation back in February. Back then it was slightly too dark for my skin tone. Since I have come back from a holiday in Spain it finally matched my skin. It is one of my favourite cheaper foundations. I only wish it came in a lighter shade as my skin is slowly going back to its super pale self. I was glad I got to use this foundation up though while my skin tone was slightly darker. I'm going to keep the bottle for my next bottle of Revlon Colorstay as it doesn't have a pump and I always use far too much. For a full review click HERE!

Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory
If you have pale skin then this is the foundation for you! I love it. I have gone through about seven bottles already this year. (As mentioned above I do seem to waste a good bit by pouring too much out as there is no pump!) Don't let this put you off as it is a great foundation for milk bottle pale girls. There is a shop in The Ilac centre just beside Argos that sells it for €10. They do other foundations also very cheap. If you are on the hunt for a new foundation check out that shop. 

Clinique Moisture Surge
I was quite excited when I saw this moisturiser free in a magazine. I have very dry skin so I love to try out different products to try and sort it out. I was actually very disappointed with this. It didn't do much for my skin at all! I really thought it was going to make a huge difference considering how expensive it is to buy. I would definitely not buy again. (I'm currently loving The Body Shops beautifying oil. It is now my holy grail for dry skin)

Catrice Prime and Fine Primer
I love this Primer. It is smooth and leaves my skin very silky. It provides a great base for foundation. I would definitely buy again. It is my favourite primer I have tried. For a full review click HERE!

Essence Ballerina Blush Souffle
This is from Essence's Limited Edition Ballerina Collection. It is a lovely cream blush that gives the cheeks a nice natural looking glow. Unfortunately you can't buy it anymore but there is now a similar product in Essence's main product line. Would I buy it again? I did like it and think I would buy it again come September when I'm back working (Hopefully!) in a school and need very natural makeup.

So that is my July Empties. I love empties posts so please leave a comment below with a link if you have one too!

Laura x


  1. Never heard about the shop in the Ilac centre that sells foundation for cheap prices. I have never tried any Revlon foundations before but always had my eye on a couple so I'll be sure to pop in when I'm in town. Thanks for sharing Laura :)

    1. You should definitely check it out! They have revlon lipsticks for much cheaper too!

  2. I love Revlon foundation! I think you can get some from too x

    1. I had never heard of that site before! I just went on and they except laser.... this could end up in a disaster for me money wise!

  3. I didn't know that about the shop in Ilac. Damn. Just dropped nearly €20 on a bottle which is frustrating because it is hard to gauge how much you are using.


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