Saturday, 25 February 2012

Primark, Boots and Superdrug Haul - Belfast

Belfast is great for shopping so I was delighted when I got a chance during the week to head up North and buy a few things! Here is what I bought!

I finally got my hands on the 17 magnetic nail polish! They have been advertised everywhere for the last few months but none of the Irish stores down south seem to stock them. I was sick of looking in Boots stores and coming out disappointed. There is a huge Boots in the main shopping street in Belfast and they had loads in stock! To make things even better there was a 3 for 2 on 17 cosmetics so I got three magnetic polishes for £12! I will do a review on them soon.

My Barry M Nails effects dried up recently so I wanted to replace it. I bought the Croc version to try out as it is new. (£3.99) I love Palmer's Body Butter so I picked up this Lip Butter (£2.54) while in Superdrug. It smells delicious like after eight chocolates!

I'm always losing earring backs so I picked up a set in Primak for £1. They will be so handy!

Ok so these might be a bit tacky but I LOVE them! It's Primark's rip off of Kate Middleton's engagement ring in both earring and ring form. I wore the earrings the other day and loads of people said they loved them. (So I'm not the only person loving tack!) The ring was £2 and the earrings £2.50. I love them!

So that's my Belfast Haul!

Larry xx


  1. I love the lip butter - its my favourite at the moment x

  2. Will have to dry the lip butter. Nice post

  3. oh i love palmers, think ill try that lip butter :) xx

  4. Hiya! Does the Superdrug up in Belfast stock the MUA professional range? Thinking of going up there on a shopping trip soon and I really need to get their heaven&earth palette :)


    1. They didn't have it when I was up there. They do have sleek though who do a really good neutral palette too! Here is a picture of it :)


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