Monday, 20 February 2012

Bring Back Primark Make up!

Is it just me or does anyone else miss Primark / Penneys make up? I was really disappointed when it vanished from shops. At first I thought new season lines were coming in but then I learned the dreaded 'd' word had happened..... discontinued. I sometimes used to pick up some great bargains for around 50 cent! Although they wouldn't be the most used items in my make up collection I do have a good few Primark products. I miss looking at their cosmetics while browsing around the store. 

I actually really liked this blush! I have two and both are now nearly finished! :(

This is a cream highlight. It blends well and gives a nice highlight. It was great value for how cheap it was!

This was my sisters favourite under eye concealer. She loved it! It's very similar to MUA Brush on concealer pen.

This is my favourite Primark make up product. It is a high lighter called 'baked'. It really reminds me of one of The Balm highlighters. I love the way the top swivels, also underneath is a mirror which is very handy.

Primarks 'Prime of your Life' primer. This gives your face a nice glow. It's nice to wear if you don't want to wear foundation. I found it didn't really do much if I did wear it with foundation though.

So there you have it, the last of my Primark products :( Sadly since they are discontinued no more will be added to my collection. Is anyone else sad they are gone?

Larry xx


  1. i have some items from primark too and recently i went back to get a brush or two and there was nothing :( i got an angled brush from there which is really nice! shame!

    really lovely post xx

    1. It really is a shame! :( There was some great items!

  2. Ah I didnt didnt know they were gone :( I loved the face primer and under eye concealer. Also used their gel eyeline which was brilliant and the foundation brush that had a concealer bush on the end. Gutted!

    1. I don't know why they got rid of them! :( They must not have been selling. People probably thought oh penneys make up must be crap and didn't buy it...

  3. Maybe :( it's a pity,cos most of it was brilliant and so cheap.

  4. They still do the foundation and Conceler brush.... I'm young and really gutted that I was old enough in 2010 to actually go and buy these so called amazing dupes for benefit


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