Friday, 24 February 2012

Essence Marble Mania!

Essence Ireland announced on Facebook today their next limited edition trend. I LOVE the limited editions so was very excited by this! The last edition, the circus range came out just before Christmas. I only bought one nail varnish from this range as the rest didn't really jump out at me. (Click here for a look at my review on the circus range.) However, this new edition Marble Mania is really catching my eye!

First up we have three baked eyeshadows. These eyeshadows look amazing! They all have triple marbling and can be applied wet or dry. They are very similar to the Catrice shadows in the Nymphelia range. (The Essence version is also over a euro cheaper at €3.29) I think these shadows look amazing and can't wait to try them! They come in the following colours: 01 seriously mixed up, 02 let's get twisted and 03 swirl it, baby!

This blush is one of my favourite items from the Marble Mania range. It just look gorgeous! It is a mix of four rosé shades blended together into a stunning marble blush. I will definitely be buying this! It only comes in one colour sadly 01 swirlpool. I wish there was more as I'm loving the look of it! Price is €3.99.

There are four nail polishes included in the Marble Mania range. They are designed to create marble designs with the Marble Mania nail art kit. Each polish is €2.29 and are available in the colours 01 raspberry swirl, 02 who is mr. brown, 03 silver twister and 04 peaches.

There will be two marble lip glosses in this range. The marble effect merges into one colour when applied to lips. These will be available in 01 coral whirl and 02 peach and mix. Price is €2.29.

The Marble Mania mascara is rather strange looking! It is ultra black marbled with sliver. The tube is transparent so you can see the marbled effect inside! (I think this is pretty cool) Price is €3.29.

Finally in Marble Mania is the nail art kit. I'm very excited about this one! I can't wait for the Essence nail stamps to arrive in Ireland but this will keep me amused till then! The kit contains a professional brush, two professional sponges and two wooden sticks. The brush is perfect for helping create lines and dots on your nails as it has an ultra fine tip. The sponges can be used to create an airbrush effect or marbled nails. I think I will get a lot of use out of this kit so it will be well worth the price of €2.79!

Unfortunately this range won't hit Irish shores till March or April. Will you be buying anything form this range?

Larry xx

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