Friday, 2 March 2012


Another new limited edition from Catrice will hit Irish shelves in March and April. This time the focus is on nails! The new limited Edition 'Million Styles' is set to transform your nails into the 'hippest fashion accessory in town'. Catrice launches eight special effects top coats. When painted over a base colour the top coats will ensure fascinating effects! Effects included are a 3D jewel effect, smokey look, holographic shimmering and glitter! They are an easy way to create unique, stand out from the crowd nails!

1.¿Holo Qué Tal?! offers holographic shimmering glitter pigments

2.Shake It! Flake It! creates an awesome 3D jewel effect

3.Million Dollar Baby offers glitter, glitter, glitter

4.Miss Money Penny immerses your nails in a soft golden shimmer

5.Godfather Of Pearl creates a soft pearly nail design 

6.Have An Ice Day conjures-up a light glittering ice-effect on your nails 

7. Return Of Space Cowboys guarantees a sparkling appearance 

8.No Smoke Without Fire for a cool, sultry smokey look on your nails

I can't wait till this limited edition comes out! I will definitely be buying a few of bottles! 

Larry xx


  1. They are so gorgeous hope they're available in England

  2. It's strange that Catrice and Essence are not available in the U.K!

  3. I wish they were available in UK :( x

  4. I don't know why they haven't launched in the UK yet. Its available throughout Europe and Ireland so why leave the UK out?! strange

  5. I wish I could get these in the USA! May need to find a swap buddy!

  6. If you want to do a swap I don't mind sending some over :)


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