Sunday, 23 June 2013

Milk Bottle to Tan the SAFE Way!

The Irish are known for their pale skin. My skin goes beyond the usually stereotypical image and is beyond pale. I'm very worried about damaging it so I always use high protection sun cream and would never dream of going to a tanning bed shop. I usually embrace my paleness and have rarely worn fake tan. I have tried gradual tans in the past but they always turned out dreadful. 

About a week ago in Ireland we got over a week of AMAZING weather. (Very unusual for Ireland!) Like usual I covered up in high protection sun cream so didn't get much of a colour. I'd rather be pale than damage my skin. However, I did begin to get a bit jealous because everyone had amazing tans! Strangely enough I then got an email asking if I wanted to try out Dove Summer Glow. Perfect timing.

I used gradual tans in the past and found them terrible. Very streaky and very fake looking. However, I was so impressed by the Dove version. I tried Fair to Medium skin and it suits my skin perfectly. No streaks and after two applications I have a gorgeous natural glow. Very very impressed! It doesn't smell on application but there is a very slight fake tan smell after. However, I was so pleased with the results this would not bother me at all.

Overall really really impressed, easy to apply and a gorgeous natural colour. Well done Dove! 


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