Sunday, 30 September 2012

Essence Haul!

While walking through Penneys on Mary Street the other day, I came across an amazing discovery. A FULL SIZED ESSENCE STAND! As you can probably tell by my excitement this is no ordinary Essence stand. This stand is like the magical one I heard so much about in Galway's Penneys. It's double the usual size and stocks the full nail polish range. Including magnetic polish, colour changing, false nails, nail savers, nail stamps the list is endless! Here is what I picked up on my first trip.

Nail art magnet - That creates a star effect
Stampy polish- This is for a stamping set I bought previously. Essence also have this set for much cheaper. It's a cheap version of the Konad nail stamps.
Volumizing lash powder -  A powder that gives a false eyelash effect. I saw this on months ago. I have been dying to get my hands on it as it is a dupe for Model Co Fibre Lash that is €39! Essence version is less than €4!
Cherry Blossom Highlighter - I love a highlighter, bought to see if it is as good as High Beam.

So that's my haul! If you would like to see reviews of any of the products let me know.

Laura x


  1. Ooh could you do a review of the volumizing powder and highlighter...would love to know if they are good ;-)

    1. No problem ! I will try and get them up soon :)

    2. YES!! I would love a review of that too!!

  2. amazing products! they all look great, can't wait for the reviews, if you're ever doing them :)


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