Sunday, 27 January 2013

H&M Spring 2013

H&M can be very hit and miss. After working there for five years I realised that a lot of the time you really need to look hard for nice items. They can have way too much stock so it is tough to find items. Since I stopped working there a few years ago I now like to search their website for new stock. I find this much easier than rooting through endless items in the store. In the picture above you can see what has recently caught my eye. 

The Makeup section in H&M can be full of hidden gems. I would advise to always swatch the eye shadow though. One product can be very pigmented while another can be TERRIBLE. The nude and smoky eye palettes certainly look good. I will definitely be swatching them next time in a store. Some of the makeup brushes in H&M are quite good considering how cheap they are. They are EXACT copies of Topshop brushes at a fraction of the price. I use the eye shadow brush below everyday to fill in my brows. (The angled end) A great little bargain for €2.95

The H&M brush is nearly identical to the Topshop version and is more than 50% cheaper! 

Dis you see anything nice in H&M recently? If so let me know :)

Laura x


  1. Must nip into H & M haven't been in there in a while!

    1. They have a good sale on at the moment too, got a nice dress that was €39.95 for €7!

  2. Ooh the glittery nail polish is gorgeous! And I definitely like the look if the brush, that's an amazing price difference! :)

    Lynsey xx

  3. Love that scarf! And great catch on the makeup brushes, I think I'm gonna have to check em out!


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